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Photo Competition

Help shine a light on the important and diverse roles of women involved in integrated pest management across Southeast Asia


Let's celebrate the work women do in plant pest and disease management across Southeast Asia!

Women play important roles in plant pest and disease management across Southeast Asia. But many of these roles are not recognised or even known about.  Over the next two months, we want to shine a light on the different roles women are playing to manage plant pests, weeds and diseases in crops across Southeast Asia.


Submit a photo (or photos) that highlights the role of women in supporting plant pest and disease management in Southeast Asia in one or more of the 4 categories below.

The four categories are:

1.  On the farm (e.g. plant pest and disease management and crop protection & management practices on the farm).

2. Plant pest and disease research (e.g. women involved in research settings in the laboratory or in the field).

3. Training on plant pest and disease management (e.g. women involved in participating in or providing training sessions on plant pest and disease management)


4. Marketing or selling crop produce that is produced using integrated pest management methods (e.g. women selling residual free or organic fruit and vegetables in online or physical marketplaces)

With each photo, you must provide a short paragraph that explains what the person/s in your photo is doing related to each category theme and why this is important for managing plant pests and diseases.


The winner of each category will win $250 (Singapore dollars)


  • Free to enter.

  • For anyone under the age of 18, parental/guardian consent must be obtained.

  • All relevant subject consent must have been obtained for the use of the photographs for publication by the ASEAN FAW Action Plan on its website or in other resources and materials related to the ASEAN FAW Action Plan. 


  • All submitted photographs must have been taken by the person submitting the photo to the contest.

  • The photograph can be a portrait of an individual/single person or a group of people. However, the permission/consent of everyone included in the photo is needed.

  • The photo must have been taken after 1st October 2021.

  • Photographs can be submitted in black, white or colour.

  • Images can be shot using any camera model (film or digital) or electronic device, and images may be a portrait, landscape or square in format.

  • The format of the entry should be JPEG (jpg) file. Try to make the photo size no less than 800*600 pixels.

  • Multiple entries of different photographs are accepted but each participant is only entitled to win a maximum of one prize in the Contest.

  • The caption should include the names of any individual/s shown in the photo, the location, the date,  and explain what they are doing and why this is an important role in managing plant pests and diseases. This is an important part of the judging.

  • All captions must be written in English (although you will not be judged on the level of English, so don't worry if your English is not perfect!).

  • No nudity.

  • No children, under the age of 16,  are to be included in any photos.

  • The photos must be taken in ASEAN countries (Brunei Darrasulam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Viet Nam).



The shortlist and winners for Prizes will be chosen based on these criteria:


Does the photo have inspirational power? Does it surprise or touch the viewer? Does it clearly show the role the individual is playing?  Is the photo natural and not staged?


Does the image stand out? Is it skillfully executed? Sharpness, exposure, and correct colour are some of the aspects that speak to the quality of the image. These elements should come together to create an effective image.


Does the image convey something about the person, such as a feel for their character or their work in crop protection or management? Does the accompanying written paragraph explains well the role the individual/s are playing in crop protection and/or management or in supporting integrated pest management practices either through production, research, and/or business practices?



  • All intellectual property rights will remain with the photographer.

  • Each entrant will be deemed to warrant that they own the entire copyright for the work.​

  • The photographer agrees unconditionally that ASEAN FAW Action Plan may publish any submitted photographs for the purposes of marketing and promotion in direct connection with the Women as IPM Leaders Programme on, relevant newsletter and social media. The submitted photographs will not be used for any commercial purposes. When used, the copyright owners will be credited.



Submit your entries by 14 February 2022 to


Submit only one photo per email with the subject heading labelled as "Photo Competition Entry".

If the photo is too heavy to send you can use "WeTransfer" ( to send a link to download your photo. This is a free service and you will not be charged any money to use it.

Any questions? Please email


Use this example email text in your email to make sure you include all the correct details:

Dear Grow Asia,

My name is ______________ and I am entering this photo in the Women as IPM Leaders Photo Competition. The photo was taken by me and anyone shown in this photo has given their permission to be in this photo. I understand and agree to the rules of this competition detailed in the entry criteria, age,  and consent requirements.


The details of the photo are:

Title: (give your photo a title)

The location where the photo was taken:

Date photo was taken:

Names of people pictured in photo:

Category: (Select 1, 2, 3 or 4)

Description: (briefly describe what is happening in the photo and what is the important message you wish to share)

Thank you



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