Transboundary Plant Pests and Diseases Capacity-Building Project - Asia Pacific Region

The ASEAN FAW Action Plan (hosted by CSIRO) is undertaking a project for the FAO Regional Asia-Pacific Office (FAO-RAP) to understand the status and needs for trainer-of-trainer (ToT) and farmer training on FAW management, as well as 1-3 other priority plant pests and diseases.

Project completion date: April 2023

This page is designed to share examples of resources developed on FAW management in the region and to update stakeholders on opportunities to participate in activities. 

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The first two webinars are planned for October and November 2022.

Hands in the Soil

Healthy foundations for FAW-resilient maize crops

x October 2022



Best practice training for


x October 2022



Webinar 1 will explore the important actions smallholder farmers need to do to best prepare for a healthy and more resilient maize crop at the start of the maize season. Factors such as soil pH, fertliser use, choice of seeds as well as planting practices will be discussed in detail.


Webinar 2 will draw on experience in Africa and the Americas in running training courses on FAW management, as well as Asia-Pacific examples of farmer training to provide best practice guidance on success factors for developing and implementing training courses. 

Other plant pests and diseases

More information

If you have any information or ideas on training farmers on FAW management or have any questions, please contact us at