Drones and Digital IPM

Unlocking the potential of technologies to enable precision integrated pest management across Southeast Asia

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Project Description 

New technologies such as drones and digital IPM approaches offer huge potential for controlling FAW and in improving IPM approaches in the field. This project will aim to exploit the potential of technology innovation to monitor and control plant health and FAW as well as explore public-private partnerships for scale-up of technology transfer across the region. Components of the programme will include:

  • Information and knowledge-sharing

  • Regulation and enabling environment

  • Small-scale pilots

  • Technology-transfer projects, including large-scale, bilateral or national partnership work

Further Resources


Introduction to drones and digital IPM

This webinar introduces the potential of drone and digital IPM with presentations on on the use of drones to spray a new granular pesticide to help control FAW, (2) employment of drones and AI to collect plant-level data to inform IPM, (3) farmer digital IPM apps and (4) the use of earth observation technology, satellite positioning and  plant-pest lifecycle information to forecast FAW outbreaks.


Drones in Action 

This webinar explores the potential for using drones in Southeast Asia through case studies.


Drones Work Plan

The proposed work plan for drones will be posted here for your feedback soon.  In the meantime, if you have ideas on the potential of drones and digital IPM to help control plant pests and diseases - use our forum to share your thoughts.


Drones Conference

A recent conference (March 2021) on drone use for pesticide application was held by CropLife Asia. Seven sessions were conducted during the forum, ranging from sessions on regulatory frameworks for pesticide application, R&D - technology enablers for pesticide application by drone; and commercial adoption of drone for pesticide application in APAC.