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Flagship Projects

The ASEAN FAW Action Plan has a range of activities that fall under each work programme. A selection of our flagship projects is provided below. These projects focus on a key area of work under the Action Plan.

Regional Resistance Management Plan

The Regional Resistance Management Plan is focused on making sure that we maintain all options in the IPM toolbox for farmers to use in controlling FAW.  It involves work on research, coordinated policy approaches, FAW management guidance and the development of Host Plant Resistance.

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Regional Surveillance and Monitoring Platform

FAW is a transboundary pest that respects no borders. It also moves quickly and across large distances. Understanding where FAW is in the region, how and when it migrates, and how bad infestation levels are is vital to informing management decisions on how best to control FAW. 

Biocontrol Programme

Our Biocontrol programme aims to understand the opportunities of using biocontrol to manage FAW as well as identify and address barriers to its use  The project also aims to build a network of practitioners and research institutions across the region to help promote effective and economical biocontrol approaches for FAW control.


Farmer Communication & Action

Farmers need the ability to make informed decisions based on a choice of options and tools which are accessible, affordable, safe and effective at controlling FAW.  

Drones and Digital


Drones and Digital IPM offer huge potential to help manage plant health and FAW as part of an integrated pest management approach.

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Women as IPM


Women as critical leaders in IPM play an important role in driving change to both control FAW and improve IPM practices towards more resilient farming systems.

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