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Many training resources are available for use in educational and farming settings for plant pest and disease control. The following online training course provides an introduction to the fall armyworm - and to monitoring and management of this serious pest.


It is best if you use this in conjunction with visits and training in the field.

The online training course can be accessed here. It is easy to use and does not require any password or registration. Normally, it is best to start at module 1 and move through the different modules until you finish all 9 modules. But, you can start anywhere according to your level of knowledge and interests. 

A PDF copy of the online course is here.

This is a live training course, meaning we intend to add to it and change the material over time.


If you have training or educational videos or publications you wish to share on the site – please feel free to share them with us and we may add them to the course materials. We are particularly interested in posting interviews or visits to the field – and hearing from farmers from across the Asia Pacific region on how they manage FAW.


The links should all be live and work – but sometimes links change – so please tell us if a link is broken by contacting us. You can contact us at

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