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FAW Manuals and  Identification Resources 

Comprehensive Guide on FAW management using an IPM approach by USAID & CIMMYT, CGIAR MAIZE Program

FAO and CABI Fall Armyworm Field Handbook: Identification and Management. It is aims to help extension workers and farmers in the field to identify FAW and know how to manage it.

The Fall Armyworm Continuity Plan is an Australian Grains Research Development Corporation investment and provides extensive information on FAW identification and management for the

 grain industry.

The CABI-FAO Community-Based Fall Armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda) Monitoring, Early Warning and Management Training of Trainers Manual

FAW – life cycle and damage to maize leaflet


FAO Global Action for FAW Control

FAO Guidance Note 8 on Global Action on FAW Control

Resources, guidance notes and videos on the FAO Global Action Website


A Guide to Biological Control of Fall Armyworm in Africa Using Egg Parasitoids (2019)

Potential biopesticides for the management of fall army worm in Africa 

Monitoring, Migration & Surveillance

Title: Searchlight trapping reveals seasonal cross-ocean migration of fall armyworm over the South China Sea
Authors: Xian-yong ZHOU, Qiu-lin WU, Hui-ru JIA, Kong-ming WU

Journal: Journal of Integrative Agriculture, Volume 20, Issue 3, 2021


Title: Spread of invasive migratory pest Spodoptera frugiperda and management practices throughout China
Authors:  Yan ZHOU, Qiu-lin WU, Hao-wen ZHANG, Kong-ming WU

Journal: Journal of Integrative Agriculture, Volume 20, Issue 3, March 2021


Pesticide Management

Title: Fall armyworm invasion heightens pesticide expenditure among Chinese smallholder farmers
Authors: Xianming Yang, Kris A.G. Wyckhuys, Xiangping Jia, Fengying Nie, Kongming Wu,

Journal: Journal of Environmental Management, Volume 282, 2021


Resistance Management Guidelines

IRAC Poster on FAW damage symptoms and strategies for sustainable control, with resistance management guidance.

IRAC Guidance on IPM: 3 Steps handout with clear information on how to delay resistance by applying different MoAs against sequential pest generations

Videos from CropLife International and the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) that explain IRM and MoA in languages: English, Bahasa (Indonesian), Khmer, Mandarin, Tagalog (Philippines),  Thai,  Vietnamese


CABI Plantwise Decision Guides on how to manage FAW:

CABI Poster on how to manage FAW