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FAW attack in Jambi Province

Fall armyworm (FAW) is still proving to be a serious pest for many of our farmers, as demonstrated in this video taken just a few weeks ago in Jambi Province, Indonesia. The video shows very high rates of FAW infestation and yield loss.

The video was taken by ASEAN FAW Action Plan Project Associate, Ms Ratna Rubiana, who was out in the field undertaking research to understand how farmers are managing fall armyworm and what pesticides are being used. The video featuring a farmer from the Bukit Subur village shows considerable damage to his 40-day maize crop.

Investigating ways to improve farmer training to help manage fall armyworm will be one of the topics of the next ASEAN FAW Taskforce meeting to be held on Thursday 7 July. You can also see fall armyworm in the field from recent video footage we have taken in Thailand featuring in our next Biocontrol Workshop to be held on 30 June 2022. You can register for that event at

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