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Training Farmers on FAW control

The Transboundary Plant Pests and Diseases Capacity-Building Project - Asia Pacific Region has been busy running sessions on best practice FAW management and training using integrated pest management approaches (IPM).

A Masterclass on Agroecological Approach to FAW Control

Dr Timothy Krupnik from CIMMYT/CGIAR provided a masterclass on the Ecological Management of Fall Armyworm in Asia's Farming Systems covering Invasion Biology, Ecological Management, and looking across Crop, Field and Landscape Scale management before discussing the toolbox farmers might need.

Top Tips on Running ToT Courses

Lessons learnt from many years in the field conducting trainer of trainer courses were shared by the team of Dr Shachi Gurumayum and Dr Joe Huesing.

Best Practice Farmer Training

And our latest session provided best practice examples from the implementation of farmer field schools for FAW in the Philippines by Mr Aries Magat as well as farmer training and programme implementation in Bangladesh from Dr Syed Nurul Alam, consultant to CIMMYT.

All the presentations provide valuable experience and learnings that others can incorporate into future programmes. Further information can be found at our Community page.

In case you would like a list of FAW resources for further information and training needs visit our Resources page


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