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Regional Resistance Management Plan

Farmers across Southeast Asia need access to all the tools in the IPM toolbox to successfully combat FAW. 


Project Description 

Preventing or mitigating the onset of resistance in FAW populations to control measures, especially synthetic pesticides and Bt transgenes, is one of the critical aspects of the ASEAN FAW Action Plan. This includes understanding FAW population dynamics and resistance profiles across the region.
A regional approach is necessary as no country alone can effectively manage the evolution of resistance to currently used chemistries in ASEAN countries, given the transboundary nature of the pest and its ability to move rapidly over significant distances. A good strategy applied in one country will be ineffective if resistance emerges in neighbouring countries and so the need for a regional approach.


Any resistance management strategy needs well-coordinated multi-stakeholder action underpinned by transparent science-based approaches. A strong regulatory environment is critical to support the implementation of appropriate and timely actions at the farm, national and regional levels.

This project has three main components:
  • Regional FAW surveillance and resistance monitoring​
  • Country-specific and regional FAW resistance management​
  • Integrating host plant resistance with other compatible IPM tactics for sustainable FAW control across Southeast Asia​

Further Resources


Regional Resistance Management Plan Project Concept Paper

This concept paper sets out the rationale and activities that will be progressed under the Regional Resistance Management Plan. It was developed through a process of regional consultation.


An Introduction to Insecticide Resistance

This resource by the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) explains the basic concepts behind the development and management of insecticide resistance.


Workshop on Regional Resistance Plan

This workshop discussed the importance of regionally coordinated resistance management planning and provided a background on work planned and the latest research from experts in the team working on the project. A PDF of the presentations can be found here.



Do you want to be involved in this work programme? Do you have information, research, experiences you can share with the project group on resistance management. Use our forum to connect with us.

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