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Pesticide education and training programmes: Cambodia

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

In our latest Farmer Communication workshop, Dr Seng Kim Hian, Agronomy Director at iDE Cambodia provided a background to pesticide use and problems in Cambodia. She also highlighted the use of different training approaches: from 'training of trainer' (ToT) workshops to working directly with farmer groups. And, her 'photos of change' gallery was a good reminder of how training and education on responsible pesticide use can make a real difference in farmer behaviour.

Dr Hian also pointed out that this was a topic of increasing interest due to the growing demand for “safe” and locally-grown produce (GAP, Organic, PGS etc.) in Cambodia. However, a number of issues must first be tackled - from farmers use of highly toxic pesticides to the lack of availability and use of PPE. Pesticide labels can sometimes be in foreign languages, particularly near the borders of other countries and pesticide sellers and extension officers often do not have sufficient training. A stronger regulatory system would also be beneficial.

Adequate training and education are important factors in driving change towards more responsible pesticide use. And, participants of such training events agree - with feedback from many of the participants in these workshops asking for further training opportunities!

Watch the presentation here (Dr Hian talks near the end of the Workshop). A PDF of the workshop presentations can be found here.

Photo of change gallery


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