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The use of drones to release biocontrol for FAW and other plant pest control

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Dr Lian-Sheng Zang from Guizhou University will be speaking at a Workshop on Drones and Digital IPM on 9 December 2021 to present efforts to use drones to release Trichogramma for the management of FAW and other plant pests. Dr Zang has recently published a major review paper on Trichogramma in the Annual Review of Entomology (see Review). Drones have been used for releasing Trichogramma parasitoids against corn borers, rice borers, soybean pod borers in Northeastern China.

Flying traces of drones releasing Trichogramma in the field

Why use drones to release Trichogramma?

Dr Zang will talk about the practicalities of using drones, particularly at later crop growth stages to release Trichogramma against pests and in areas where there are difficulties for the physical application of release. Other advantages include reduction in labour costs, their wide use already across China in plant protection, such as spraying chemicals and monitoring diseases and pests and their ability to conduct precision release.

The use of degradable novel pod carriers designed as ball shapes to carry the Trichogramma will also be presented. These pods can carry over 4000 parasitoids.

Want to find out more about the results and efficacy of this work?

Join us: Thursday, December 09 | 15:00 to 17:00 SGT (GMT +8)


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