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Regional Surveillance and Monitoring Platform

Stakeholders need to know where FAW is, or will be soon, and at what levels it is present – to make sound management decisions.

Corn Maize Labyrinth

Project Description

Without a good understanding of FAW biology, movement and infestation levels it can be easy to feel like one is stuck in a ma(i)ze without any clear pathway out!
This project supports the development of surveillance and monitoring tools to help regional stakeholders better understand how to make proactive & SMART interventions to control FAW.

Further Resources


Surveillance & Monitoring 

Project Document

The project plan for this work area is currently under development and will be shared for consultation shortly.

Under development


FAO Global FAW Monitoring Platform 

An integral part of FAO’s sustainable management programme for FAW is the FAW Monitoring and Early Warning System (FAMEWS). This consists of a mobile app – available free of charge from the Google Play store – for data collection and a global platform for mapping the current situation.


Digital IPM Tools

There are many digital monitoring and surveillance tools being developed in the field across Southeast Asia. We are keen to hear from those developing and/or using these solutions with farmers and/or organisations to feature on our directory of services and in our upcoming digital IPM webinar series. Contact us to talk more about opportunities.


Your feedback

Share your feedback, experiences and examples of monitoring in your community, region and country. What information do you need to improve the monitoring and surveillance of FAW in your community? Share your thoughts in the forum.

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